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Enjoy a game of golf at the Naldehra Golf Course

Whilst enjoying a relaxing stay at Cedar Villas, one can be a part of various recreational activities in the areas nearby. One such activity is golfing at the Naldehra Golf Course. Famous for its charming apple orchards, Naldehra is only a few kilometers away from Mashobra. The Golf Course Club was originally built by the British under the guidance of Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India. This golf course is beautifully designed to have nine holes in totality with an intermediate level of difficulty; the height of the hills plays a major role in this aspect. Entry fee: Rs. 1000 Opening hours: 9 am to 6 pm Distance from Mashobra: 11.2 km via SH 13 (around 24 minutes via road)

Take some time out to explore Naldehra while traveling to this golf course. You will spot delicious looking apples in sheer abundance; a sight to behold for those who appreciate the beauty of nature! Moreover, you can also enjoy the local cuisine at bhojanalayas or restaurants in the vicinity. The town of Naldehra is a small one but the beauty of its hills and apple orchards makes it unique and ethereal..

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